Integrated approach

Refractory linings form a whole with the metal casing housing them. There is an ever-increasing customer call today for a total package. Gouda Vuurvast Belgium responds hereto by offering refractory related steelwork which may include prefabricated shop components for incorporation in an installation or the replacement of corroded steel furnace casing during a shutdown, As we ensure planning and coordination requirements of the various work components, our clients are able to focus on other aspects of the project.


Competence without frontiers

Gouda Vuurvast Belgium operates worldwide beyond its regional customer circle, in a number of core competences. For FCC Unit shutdowns and turnarounds our service package comprises both the refractory lining as well as the supply and installation of anchorage systems including hexmetal. Fibre linings in HRSG boilers can be replaced including the design, supply and fitting of the protective sheeting.


New construction projects

Within the region Gouda Vuurvast Belgium is preferred partner for a number of leading Original Equipment Manufacturers in the petrochemical, environmental and energy markets. These projects are executed partly in shop and partly on site. We supply and install the refractory linings for the equipment at its worldwide destination.


Safety and quality

The industrial sectors we operate in call for the highest level of safety. All Gouda Vuurvast Belgium staff are trained to comply with the latest standards, such as VCA Petrochemie. Our integrated  QHSE  system combines quality, safety, good working conditions and environmental aspects into practicable work procedures. These procedures are being adapted on a project-specific basis and incorporated in a project plan. All staff involved are familiar with this plan, so that they are able to cope efficiently with specific requirements and circumstances.



The organizational and physical proximity of other operating companies of the Refractories division enables Gouda Vuurvast Belgium to generate synergy by working with associated companies such as Gouda Refractories and Gouda Vuurvast Services. Gouda Vuurvast Belgium will at all times operate as a recognizable and approachable main contractor.