Non-Ferrous Metals 

Gouda Refractories manufactures and delivers the refractory materials for anode baking furnaces used in the primary aluminium production. These furnaces, which have a surface of around 180 by 25 metres, consist of various sections, divided from one another by refractory walls. The world-beating trick lies in the dimensional stability of the bricks, process related defence mechanisms and prefabricated units and the stability of the walls. It is supported by a profound knowledge of the design process and the organisation and implementation of refractory systems. For the holding furnaces used in primary aluminium production and the remelting furnaces used in secondary aluminium production, Gouda Refractories provides custom lining designs. For these Gouda Refractories uses high-quality materials that meet the special requirements of the industry and process. The customers know their process and Gouda Refractories seamlessly matches the design and choice of materials to it. They also apply that expertise to similar processes such as galvanising.



Oil refineries and the petrochemical industry demand high performance refractory products - ranging from a few kilos in small desulphurisation units to thousands of tons in big crackers. As a production and engineering centre, Gouda Refractories works and thinks along with oil companies, licensees and engineering companies. What matters the most is that all products and applications exactly match the specifications - and vice versa. Gouda Refractories' experts guarantee tailor-made refractory engineering in both new construction and maintenance projects. For these they can rely on in house developed, well-considered knowledge of the business. This includes the distinct added value of understanding the customer's product and process.


Environment & Energy

The waste-processing market has made tremendous progress since society's awareness that a great deal of energy can be recovered from incineration. There are no perfect solutions, but finding an optimal solution is a special talent of the Environmet & Energy specialists at Gouda Refractories. For them the dynamic process of thermal, mechanical and chemical loads is an obvious challenge in the design, installation and maintenance of waste incineration furnaces. Consultation with and monitoring of users is essential for finding the right comprimises between combustion temperature and the choice of materials. In the energy market (brown) coal plants, for example, mainly demand large volumes of standard material for their vast boilers.